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FYAA Equipment Rental Agreement

FYAA Equipment Rental Agreement
  • Riddell Helmet Size ($120.00)Riddell Shoulder Pads Size ($40.50) 
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  • HelmetShoulder Pads 
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    I acknowledge that the equipment listed above is the property of the Flagler Youth Athletic Association (FYAA) and that I am obligated to return the equipment at the conclusion of the season or when requested to do so. I acknowledge that if I fail to return the equipment described herein or if the equipment is stolen or if the equipment is damaged, except what is deemed by the FYAA as normal wear and tear, that I shall be responsible to pay to the Flagler Youth Athletic Association the replacement cost of the equipment.
    I recognize, acknowledge, accept, and assume the potential risks of injuries and dangers involved in participation in the sport of football and related activities. I have read and accept the warning label placed upon the equipment and accept the equipment “as is”. I acknowledge and agree that the Flagler Youth Athletic Association should not assume responsibility for, nor guarantee the personal safety of participants, nor does the Flagler Youth Athletic Association warranty, guarantee or assume responsibility for the borrowed equipment.
    Further, I hereby release, waive, covenant not to sue, and agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify the Flagler Youth Athletic Association board, its officers, members, employees, agents, and representatives from any and all liability, damages, claims, demands, or causes of action of any kind and/or nature of which may arise from use of the equipment borrowed from the Flagler Youth Athletic Association. I further acknowledge that we have carefully read the foregoing Release and Acknowledgement and know the contents thereof and electronically sign this Release and Acknowledgement as a free and voluntary act.
    I have received the above described equipment.
    Method of Payment
  • This fee is Non-Refundable.
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