In effort to help reduce cost of registration, we will be doing a Cookie Dough Fundraiser to off-set cost for both Football and Cheer! This is the first year we have done this for football and are very excited to help lower overall cost of registration! At time of registration you will be given the Cookie Dough Fundraiser. If you register online, please print the fundraiser from this page or pick one up at one of our registration locations.

Full Registration cost is $200 for Football and $300 for cheer. A deposit of $100 for football or $150 for Cheer is due at the time of registration. This fundraiser will help lower the cost of your remaining balance ($100 for football or $150 for cheer).

Cookie Dough Tubs are $14 each. For each Tub sold, you will receive $5.60 towards your remaining balance.

  • 1 item= $5.60
  • 10 items= $56
  •  15 items= $84
  •  18 items= $100.80 (this would pay off the remaining balance for football)
  •  25 items= $140
  •  27 items= $151.20 (this would pay off the remaining balance for cheer)


We will be at Cattleman’s Hall on May 21st from 6:30-8pm for collection. Late submissions will NOT be accepted and there will not be a fundraiser to off-set cost of registration after May 21st.

2019 Cookie Dough Fundraiser